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How to take Meeting Minutes in BoardPro

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When the meeting status is "Published Agenda" you can start taking Minutes.  

A prompt will come up -click on the green Take Minutes button

The Meeting status is now updated to "Draft Minutes" and the Draft Minutes page opens. 

In the Draft Minutes stage, minutes can be added to each Agenda Item. 

  1. Select an Agenda Item

  2. Add Minutes to each agenda item

  3. Add Documents

  • Minutes taken for an agenda item appear on the left-hand side marked with a "M" followed by the number of minute items.

  • Attachments that were added to the agenda item and are in the Board Pack are noted as a paperclip with the number attached afterwards.

If you have accidentally started taking minutes, or need to make amendments to a meeting's agenda or Boardpack, you can roll it back to the Published Agenda stage. See Rolling Back from Draft Minutes to the Published Agenda for more information.

Presenters and time allocated on the Agenda Item card in the Minute stage are "hidden" under the Show All dropdown menu

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