Recording an Approved Flying Minute

How to record an approved Flying Minute in the Minutes of the next Meeting

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Flying Minutes is a feature with the Premium and Ultimate Plans. If your board subscribes to the Essentials Plan then you will not be able to see Flying Minutes

It is important that decisions made by the board outside of a board meeting are recorded in the Minutes of a subsequent meeting.

Most jurisdictions require a "Minute book" to hold a copy of all the Minutes of the meetings, including decisions made during the meeting.

A Flying Minute once voting has been closed will appear in the Minutes of the next meeting. So how does BoardPro help you do that?

Include a Flying Minute to the Minutes of the next Meeting

When you start to Take Minutes at a meeting after a Flying Minute has been approved, you will see an extra option to "Include decisions from Flying Minutes..."

  • That will be selected by default - only unselect if this is an extraordinary board meeting. If it is a regular board meeting, this should be selected.

NOTE: the option above only appears if there are available Flying Minutes.

Troubleshooting? If you have Flying Minutes that are not appearing please check if:

  1. Flying Minutes have not already been linked to another meeting.

  2. If a Flying Minute says Outcome Pending. Please check if your organisation's Flying Minute Automation Setting has been set to "We will always manually select the outcome of the vote". If so, until you manually add in the outcome of the vote, the FM will not be available to be added to your minutes.

Flying Minutes are located under the Close the Meeting agenda item and will ONLY be displayed in the minutes preview and PDF.

  • Should the Board choose or require to have the Flying Minutes appear in a different meeting, in the Close Meeting agenda item, you can switch the toggle to Hide. They will then be available at the next meeting when it moves into the Draft Minutes stage.

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