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How to manage the vote for a Flying Minute

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Flying Minutes is a feature with the Premium and Ultimate Plans. If your board subscribes to the Essentials Plan then you will not be able to see Flying Minutes

Once a vote has been officially opened in Flying Minutes it is time to cast your vote and monitor the voting of others.

Key Features on this page:

  1. If you are listed to vote there will be a big blue cast your vote button -if you are not voting everything else remains the same.

  2. Time remaining left in the vote -click on the pencil icon to update the close time

  3. Click on refresh to update the tallies for the vote

  4. Help Voters

  5. See who has opened the document plus add and read comments

Voting: If you are voting

  1. You can see that your name will be recorded with your vote

  2. Vote options to Support, Oppose or Abstain

  3. Able to leave a comment on why you chose to vote on this motion in this way

  4. Vote carefully as your vote cannot be edited.

Help Voters: For those not able to cast their own votes they can be assisted.

When the minute taker enters a vote on someone's behalf:

  1. They can also add a comment for the person

  2. The person whom they are voting for will receive an email confirming the vote cast for them. -to ensure transparency

Please note that this is an open vote so the names of voters, how they voted and if they made any comments will be displayed in the decision.

Depending upon your settings in Flying Minutes Automation

  1. If the participation number is at 100% and should someone abstain or is not listed as voting then the vote will not pass

  2. Once the last vote has been cast, voting will be closed. If you have BoardPro set to automatically calculate the vote, a decision will automatically be added

If you have set your automation to Manually select the outcome -once the voting has closed click on Set Outcome.

You can choose to set the outcome as Approved or Not Approved but again depending upon your settings -if your participation number for Board Members has not been met an alert will appear.

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