Annotating is a feature with the Premium and Ultimate Plans. If your board subscribes to the Essentials Plan then you will not be able to make annotations within BoardPro.

With the BoardPro Notes annotation feature it is easy to make notes on the board pack while you prepare for the upcoming meeting.

To begin: From the Meeting Details Page click on BoardPro Notes

When the board pack opens

  1. On the left hand side is a list of the agenda documents. Scroll through the list to find the document you need and click on it. It will open on the right hand side.

  2. Use the tool bar to select from the highlighter, pen, note, text box, etc. 

Please note that if you are using a smaller screen -you have the same features just the layout is a bit different.

Annotating features include:

  • Highlighter/Pen

  • Notes

  • Text

  • Shapes

  • Searching

  • Full Screen mode

  • Printing/Download -if you cannot see these options it could be that your organisation settings do nor allow for this. Please speak with your Chair or Administrator.

You can also mark up the text by highlighting the text and then you can choose to highlight, strike-through, or underline it

When you click on an annotation tool a sub menu opens where you can change the colour, add a background colour, font, size or transparency.

Note: if you have the pen or highlighter colour the same as the background you may experience a solid block. To fix this:

  1. Click on the annotation there should be a blue border around it

  2. On the top menu bar select either the pen or background and change or remove the colour.

To find the sub-menus for annotating on a smaller screen you have a couple of extra steps to do. First click on the annotation tool that you wish to use and then you will be able to change the colour, font, thickness etc.

Annotating Previous Versions

You can also annotate previous versions of documents uploaded into the BoardPack.

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