Great! Now that you have added in a meeting it is time to build an Agenda

On the Meeting Details page click on Build Agenda found on the top Right hand side

The Agenda

  • Make as many changes as you need to the agenda.
  • Click on and drag an Agenda Item to change its location under a Section. 
  • Move Agenda Items to other Sections by clicking and dragging
  • Add as many Agenda Items/Sections as needed
  • Attach Documents as you need
  • The first and last section headers can be re-labeled
  • The last section cannot be moved around
  • If you move a section up or down, all the agenda items under it move as well
  • If you delete a section, you have an option with attached agenda items to move them to another section or to delete them also.
  • You can rebuild the agenda as long as it is in the Draft Agenda stage.

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