Locking account on login
Locking account on login after 7 failed passwords entered
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If you suspect someone has hijacked your email and changed your password please let BoardPro Support and the Administrator of your organisation know immediately. Contact us at:  support@boardpro.io.

Sometimes we can forget our password -it happens.

If you cannot remember your password and don't select the Forgot Password help, BoardPro will lock your account after 7 failed password attempts.

At the 5th attempt you will get a warning that the Login has failed and you have 2 attempts left.

At the 7th attempt: you will get a notice that your account has been locked and you will need to check your email for further instruction.

You will receive an email such as this:

Your options are:

  1. Wait for 10 minutes and try again

  2. Reset your password (click on blue button)

If you choose to reset your password you will be directed to the Reset Password page

Once  you have reset your password you will need to login with your account email and password to access your BoardPro organisation(s).

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