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Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

How to enable/disable multi-factor authentication (MFA)

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MFA is a security method that requires 2 or more factors to verify your identity. Essentially, proving you are who you say you are!

This is important for organisations who want increased security on access to their governance information.

Enable MFA:

Click your user icon at the top right and navigate to My Account > Login & Security

You can choose one of two available authentication methods:

1. Authenticator App (recommended)

Before you begin, you will need an authenticator app installed on your phone, such as Microsoft Authenticator. You may refer to How to set up an Authenticator App (MFA) if you are new to authenticator apps.

Click Set Up to begin.

Open your preferred authenticator app on your phone. In the app, use the "+" icon to add a new account. When prompted, scan the QR code displayed by BoardPro. The app will then generate a verification code, which you must enter underneath the QR code. Then click Verify to complete the setup process.

If your authenticator app is successfully verified, you will be returned to the Login & Security page where you will see a green "Enabled" label next to Authenticator App.

NOTE: As your authenticator app is unique to you, it is not automatically managed by BoardPro. If you make changes such as changing your email address, or switching MFA methods, you will need to manually update your authenticator app.

2. Email Verification

Click Set Up to begin.

Click Enable to confirm.

Once enabled, you will see a green “Enabled” label next to Email Verification.

Switch authentication methods:

Click Switch next to the authentication method you are switching to, and follow the instructions above for enabling that method.

Disable MFA:

To disable MFA, click Remove next to the currently enabled method.

When MFA is disabled, neither method will display an "Enabled" label.

NOTE: If you are disabling MFA via authenticator app, disabling it in BoardPro will not automatically remove it from your authenticator app. You will need to open your authenticator app on your phone and manually remove the BoardPro account on the app.

See who has enabled MFA:

The People List page will display an MFA label against each user in your organisation who is using MFA.

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