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Setting up a Formal Vote

How to add a formal vote to the agenda

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Voting is a feature with the Premium and Ultimate Plans. If your board subscribes to the Essentials Plan then you will not be able to Vote.

When you wish to add a formal vote -BoardPro has a Smart Agenda item to help you organise your voting procedure.

In the section where you want to add the vote, simply click to add a new Agenda Item and select Vote.

The core elements of an agenda item are all present, as well as new elements:

  1. Motion: You can enter the motion into the agenda in advance, and when the vote is recorded in the Minutes the motion will be copied there for quick editing as a basis for the resolution.

  2. Selecting Voters: BoardPro automatically selects all people in your organisation that has the Board Member box ticked. If they do not have login access (whether it is showing Invitation Pending or No Access), there will be an asterisk next to their name and a Help Vote will need to be added on their behalf when voting is open.

  3. Anonymous Voting: if ticked BoardPro will simply record the total count of votes for and against, without listing how each person voted. However, if this setting is left unticked Open Vote (default setting), BoardPro will record in the Minutes how each person voted - including any reasons entered on why they chose to vote this way.

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