Unable to login to BoardPro
How to troubleshoot if you are unable to login
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If you are having trouble logging into BoardPro, please follow these steps.

Press Ctrl +F5 first to clear any cache that is stored.

Restart your PC or MAC. Sounds obvious, but you will be surprised how many issues this solves.

Try a different browser. Are you able to log in on a different browser? BoardPro works best on browsers that are up-to-date.

Check the URL of the login page: https://app.boardpro.io/account/login (copy and paste this link in your browser rather than clicking a link from an email notification or bookmarked favourite).

Double Check your Email Address:  Make sure that you are logging in with the email address that is registered to your organisation. Check previous emails from BoardPro to confirm that the email address in BoardPro is the one being signed in with

Check your Password: Clicking the "eye" icon at the end of the password field will display the characters. This will allow you to check that there has not been a mistake when entering the password. Click here for instructions on how to reset a forgotten password.

If you are still unable to login please contact BoardPro Support or reach out on live chat (blue bubble on the bottom right).

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